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Cement Industry

The cement industry have very complex work environment which require best quality and high standard of products in order to produce the finished product efficiently and cost effectively

In the cement industry there are various material handling application and conveyor systems in which Conveyor Belting plays a very important role.

We have complete solution of high-quality rubber conveyor belts for all materials handling applications from the mining and extraction of raw materials to the delivery and shipment of finished product bags of cement

Various types of conveyor belt are used in the cement production process

We offer General Purpose M-24 Grade Conveyor Belts manufactured with the best quality Natural rubber which provides superior resistance to cutting and gouging to Load Support and convey different type and size of material, from short to long distance and light to heavy load transportation of materials used in mining crushing and stacking of lime stone, crushing stacking reclaiming of sedimentary rock, crushing stacking & reclaiming of coal, raw meal drying, grinding and blend, weigh belt feeders

We offer UHR Grade Ultra Heat resistant Conveyor Belts for Cement Plants used for handling material Above 200° Centigrade for fines 200° Centigrade and Lumps upto 220° Centigrade for coarse material. Maximum Intermittent Temperature upto 220 These belts are mainly used for conveying Clinker in Cement Industry.

Special features:

1) Excellent heat resistant and abrasion resistant cover rubber compound.

2) Recommended to protect conveyor belt from surface cracking and hardening by heat.

3) Specially heat-treated and dipped fabric to minimize carcass shrinkage by heat ageing.

4) High wear and Tear resistance properties

We offer wide range Chevron Belt Belts for Cement plant for the applications like quarry, mining etc

We offer Steel Cord Belts for Cement plant for the applications like long distance conveyors and Bucket Elevators

General Purchase belts and Heat resistant belts for Weigh Feeder .