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Chevron Conveyor Belts


We offer Chevron Conveyor Belting which is used in the application where the Inclination angle is too high and the conveying material is rolling back, we are offering Chevron Conveyor belting (Cleated Belts) to prevent the material from sliding backwards. 

The special profiles of Chevron belt make increased angles by which inclination is possible and packed and unpacked material can be convey very easily and effectively as compared with smooth surface belts , Our Chevron Belt inclined upto 35-40 Degree ,With 15mm Cleat height in V,Y,U PROFILS ,Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers ,it is mostly used to convey loose material like sand, fine coal and grain materials it is also used in concrete batching plants, stone quarries, road scalpers, truck / wagon loading system, 

Our Standard widths 500 mm wide to 1200 MM wide (higher width can be offered on request.