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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bucket Elevator belts. We offer bucket elevator belts, which are made from different type of high quality raw materials as per the application requirement especially in the working environment, Bucket Elevator belts are widely used in various processing industries. These products are mainly used for vertical applications to lift material from the lower to the second level where a limited space is available. We are specialist in construction, manufacture and delivery of these belts for over 180m elevation hoists and with operating speeds of @ 1750tph.

The great advantages of our elevator belts are less maintenance, extended life and lower operating costs compared to other types of elevator belts.

Applications of Bucket Elevator Belts :

Sand Mining - Stone Industry, Concrete Plants - Cement Plants, Mineral processing plants, Timber industry and sawmills, Pulses Mills, Flour Mills, Sugar Mills, Rice Mills, Salt mines , Silo feeding , Docks , Ship loading and unloading , Potatoes and Starch factories, Foundries, Waste treatment plants

Key Features:

Some of the standard key features of these elevator belts include:

Available in various tensile strengths from 315 N / mm to 6300 N / mm

Constructed with different tensile members such as EP, Kevlar, Cotton, Nylon, Steel Cord

Available in complete range of quality cover compounds comprising fire resistant, heat resistant as well as oil resistant finish properties

Available in white hygienic food grade finish

Comes in low elongation that allows short take-up

Features high bolt tear resistance as well as superior fastener strength

Comes with superior clamping characteristics

Comes with small pulley diameters